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The seventh issue of IRVAPP Monitoring Reports on Youth Guarantee in Trentino has been published. The report is available at this link.

Learn more about the project "Monitoring and Evaluation of the Youth Guarantee in Trentino" here.

Article presented at the ICEEE-7TH: Seventh Italian Congress of Econometrics and Empirical Economics.

Giovanni Abbiati, Simona Gamba and Daniela Piazzalunga have presented four papers at the conference "COunterfactual Methods for Policy Impact Evaluation 2016 (COMPIE) 2016".

Antonio Schizzerotto, Loris Vergolini and Davide Azzolini have presented at the conference "La Società italiana e le grandi crisi economiche 1929-2016", an event prepared for the 90th anniversary of ISTAT.

Antonio Schizzerotto presented the paper "Espansioni e contrazioni della partecipazione scolastica in italia dall’inizio del XX secolo ad oggi. Il ruolo delle riforme scolastiche e delle vicende economiche" (co-authored by Giovanni Abbiati and Loris Vergolini).

APPAM International Conference "Inequalities: Addressing the Growing Challenge for Policymakers Worldwide". Presentation prepared with Antonio Schizzerotto and Nadir Zanini

Conference “Figli delle baraccopoli. Restituire il sogno perduto", during the Universal Children's Day

FBK-IRVAPP organizes an internal seminar series in which the research fellows from FBK-IRVAPP and from other institutions present their ongoing projects. The next seminar is scheduled for the 5th of December 2016 from 14.30 to 15.30 and the speaker will be Giovanni Abbiati. He will present a paper entitled “Not really the same school. Teachers inter-school segregation and teachers-students matching as hidden inequality mechanisms in the Italian school system”.