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Christian Bruss

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Role in the organization: 
Junior Researcher
Short bio: 

Christian Bruss is a Junior Researcher at FBK-IRVAPP (Research Institute for the Evaluation of Public Policies). He obtained a Master degree in “Development Economics” from Göttingen University, Germany, in 2015. His main research interests comprise counterfactual impact evaluation, (rural) development, pro-poor growth, and peace/ conflict research. Before joining FBK-IRVAPP he worked as an intern for the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) in Uzbekistan, where he focused on designing an impact evaluation of the programme’s value chain promotion.

Research interests: 
counterfactual impact evaluation
rural development
pro-poor growth
peace/ conflict research

Bruss,C. "Migration Patterns during the Genocide in Rwanda" In Long-Distance Migration. Causes, consequences and theoretical frameworks,edited by B. Knerr. Kassel, ON:University of Kassel, in print.​​